GetGotGrub started in early 2019 as a result of experiences with third party delivery services.

My family and I love to eat sushi.  We have a favourite place that we often order from nearby.  We eat restaurant food at least twice a week and find that it's very convenient to order online and pick up food on our way home from work.  Using the phone to place our order has caused many errors in the dishes that we receive.  Oftentimes, the person trying to take the order is already multitasking and dealing with a noisy restaurant, so repeating specific options to our order was commonplace.

We used to use the third party delivery services, even signed up as a member for one of them.  In the end, we found that it got to be so expensive after paying for the delivery and tipping the driver that it just didn't make sense.  They were always late anyway.  We preferred to pick up the food ourselves and to tip the staff at the establishment instead.  Much more satisfying.

I've owned and operated multiple restaurants in Santa Barbara, CA and Cabo San Lucas, BCS, Mexico.  I know the impact excessive expenses can have on the bottom line.

From the restaurants perspective, the idea of consolidating the food delivery service for restaurants is a great idea, as evidenced by the success of companies like GrubHub and DoorDash.  It should bring the costs down for the service, but instead, it has inflated the expenses beyond what is viable for most restaurants that are running thin margins.  This is okay for initial customer acquisition, but once the customer is loyal, it becomes an almost unsustainable habit to keep paying third parties for the convenience of them hosting a listing of your menu, and phone number.  To me, it's an insult to pay them between $4 and $9 when a customer calls a restaurant through their site or app, and the customer doesn't even place an order.

My solution was to create a way for customers enjoy the convenience of ordering online, for pick-up and delivery, and the restaurants to skip the expenses for pick-up orders.

I hope you enjoy using GetGotGrub.

-Ric (G3 - Maker of Menus)