How much is your restaurant losing in takeout commissions?

Third-party marketplaces like Grubhub and Uber Eats charge restaurants steep commissions, ranging from 20% to 43% on every single order, even for pickup orders!

GrubHub even charges some restaurants between $4 and $9 if a customer dials the restaurant phone number through their app!

GetGotGrub doesn't charge you when a customer calls.

With just 5 take out orders a day using another delivery service - an average ticket size is $45.

Your Yearly Takeout Revenue:               $82,125

*Uber Eats Commission (30%)              $24,637

*Grubhub Commission (23%-43%)       $18,930 - $35,355

*DoorDash Commission (20%-25%)     $16,425 - $20,531

*Postmates Commission (20%-25%)    $16,425 - $20,531

Get Got Grub Monthly Flat Fee $89   $  1,068  (less than $3/day, less than one GrubHub Phone call to you.)

Unlimited, Commission-Free Orders


You can save $15,357 to $34,287 a year by working with Get Got Grub!

  • Free Menu Setup (designed to stimulate appetite and increase sales)
  • Online Ordering System (from computer, tablet, mobile phone, and optional mobile app)
  • Table booking with ordering in-advance options
  • Free Sales Optimized Website (compact, well organized and easy way to up-sell)
  • If you have a website we can use yours
  • Search Engine Optimized Tuning
  • Offer sales promotions to your customers
  • Optional Online payments directly into your merchant account (several payment gateways to choose)
  • Works for Pick-Up and Delivery (your 3rd party or your own in-house)
  • Inclusion in getgotgrub.com – our marketing website at no extra charge
  • Minimum order and/or minimum delivery fee options
  • You receive orders and table bookings on a smartphone or tablet (Android or iOS)
    • Requires one dedicated smartphone or tablet with a permanent internet connection.
  • You have 3 minutes to confirm the order / reservation
  • Orders can be printed directly from the app. (requires compliant printer)
  • Customer Database is yours (not the big portals)
  • No long term contracts: you can cancel in any month for any reason.
  • Multi Delivery Zones per location
  • Even if you have only one take out order per day – you'll find it's best to work with Get Got Grub.
  • Many online market places don’t list your website. We do!
  • POS Integration (supported systems only)


  • Custom Website Design
  • Facebook page setup and moderation
  • Newsletter & Email promo design
  • Flyer print-outs, for your location, on every table, to put in every take-out bag.
  • Photo shooting
  • Video production
  • Branded Mobile app
  • Online payments
  • Advanced promotions
  • SMS Marketing

Simple and affordable pricing to suit your needs which include a wealth of powerful features to drive orders.  All within your budget.

Add a powerful, feature-rich online ordering system.

Customers can order right from their computer, cell phone or tablet.

Online ordering means less mistakes on customer orders, less time on the phone, wait staff has more free time for tabled customers.

Videos – Ordering platform explainer

Customers can order from your website or www.getgotgrub.com.

Customers can book a table from your website or optional mobile app.

One page checkout, optimized to increase conversion.

Data pre-filled for returning clients.

No account required.  No need to download an app.

Clients love it.

  • Convenient
  • No busy lines
  • No misunderstandings
  • Fast order confirmations
  • No follow up calls
  • No waiting in vain
  • All reservations are received and confirmed in real time


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Imagine taking this order over the phone!
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